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Authors Jose Vazquez (left) and Eric Chiang (right)

FlipIt is truly designed from the ground up by instructors and the only learning system in economics with authors.

Know what students know, teach what students need

With the FlipIt system, class time is enhanced by the conceptual groundwork built during the Prelecture tutorials, and the class data derived from Bridges.Taking advantage of a better - prepared student audience, instructors are freed to use any preferred teaching method to build on knowledge learned before class, or simply tailor class time to concepts needing further explanation.

Part 1: Prelecture

Animated Prelecture tutorials provide base level understanding of core economic topics before students ever set foot in lecture.

Design based in research:

  • Straightforward animations provide information in an engaging format without distraction.

  • Information is “chunked” into short, easily remembered segments.

  • Embedded questions and pacing system puts learning in the students’ hands.

Part 2: Bridge

Bridge questions are designed to inform an instructor of students’ level of understanding before lecture as well as lead to discussion, review, use of iClickers, or other activity during lecture. They “bridge” pre-lecture time to lecture time.

  • Students first answer a question designed to be either open-ended, address a typical misconception, or otherwise lead to further discussion in lecture.

  • Students then must explain the rationale behind their answer, allowing the instructor a deep level of insight into their understanding.

Part 3: Problems

Once students have completed the Prelectures and Bridges, an instructor can assign Problems as either practice or post-lecture homework.

  • Each unit has between 30-50 Problems and all non-definitional problems have video feedback provided by the authors themselves.

  • FlipIt problems appear in Mastery Clusters, where each cluster covers a single topic. Students do not receive credit for the cluster until they answer a question in the cluster correctly, making it easy for students to see which topics they are struggling with.

An enhanced class-time experience

In the FlipIt system, class time is still the most important aspect of the course.

Conceived and designed by the same educators who created iClicker, FlipIt easily handles clicker integration, allowing instructors to bring in an element of peer instruction to their own lectures.

Instructor Collaboration

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